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There’s a book called THE WRITER’S JOURNEY. It’s a great guide for parts of hero construction, story construction and plot arc. If you want to write, and haven’t read it, I suggest you pick it up and burn through it… several times. It’ll offer tons of writing help and novel writing tips.


In fact, many prominent screen writers, novelists and even Disney Animation Studios story creators have said they reference the book again and again to help with their story construction.  The crazy thing is, most stories have similar beats. When you get down to it, the original story tellers were the Greeks.


We just keep stealing their plot lines over and over again.



But, that’s not my point. Writing is about the greater arc of you, or me, or whoever decides to write. I write a lot. Some would say I write a F**K ton. I don’t do it because I ‘have to’, or ‘must’ or feel ‘compelled’ to. Well, maybe the last part a little bit.


I write because I love writing and I love the idea of being able to tell a story that other people will also fall in love with.


A speaker at a writer’s conference once said,


Don’t write for the audience, write for yourself.


I thought it was a sophomoric representation of the deeper thought behind writing. Maybe he meant that you should tell the story within you and not change it because you think the ‘audience’ will like it better.  I mostly agree with him there.


But what I really think is important is that you tell a story. If, perchance, your story sucks… Well, then you should work on it and make changes.



All writing is story telling. Be it factual, fictional or situational. Everything is a story. They call them NEWS STORIES because when they have intrigue, depth, and connection, then they make for a great story to hear or read. We as humans love stories and love telling stories.


Have I said the word story enough?


So, what is the writer’s journey really?


It’s using words like the palette, brush, and paints of a painting.



It’s creating form within the minds of others that makes writing so powerful. And, when you think about it, it’s not the words that we precisely choose, it’s the methodology behind the connection that makes them powerful.


Our journey in this writer’s tale is one of perseverance, humbleness and acceptance. We must fail in order to succeed and we must, under all circumstances live inside the words we put on to the page.


If you want to write, try telling stories to people first. Try speaking the words in a way that captivates others, then do it from afar… with paper.


The thing is, I have a dead friend that chased a dream into oblivion. I have many other dead friends because the stories within them were too harsh to bear.


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that stories are the most powerful thing in the world.


This is the writer’s journey.



writer's journey

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