Warrior lessons are life lessons

Warrior lessons are life lessons

Warrior lessons are life lessons – Two Versus One

When I fight in armored combat, it isn’t fair. We start with 5 fighters on my side, 5 on theirs. The battle is a mixture of individual fights and fighting as a team. It is balanced in the way my team must move through the arena. If one person cares not for the people around him, he will get cornered and taken out by the opposing team.

The goal is to win through skill, cunning and teamwork. But your individual skills must also shine through.  This lesson is most evident in both sides of a fight when it is two fighters versus one.

If you have multiple opponents and do not know it, you will lose.

If you pay too much attention to one and not the other, you will lose.

If you fail to stay mobile and adapt to the situation, you will lose.

You must open your warrior eye and focus without focusing. You must see everything and nothing at the same time. You must decentralize your vision in order to be able to adapt, adjust and overcome multiple threats from multiple directions.

The Warrior Poet knows that all lessons on the battlefield are also lessons in life. We must strive to see what is being taught to us, for if we do not seek knowledge, we will not find knowledge.

In life, if we choose to be single minded and focus only on work then we may lose sight of our family. How many of us can say this is true? How often have children grown up with parent(s) in the home that are there, but not truly there? Is this you? Do you focus on one part of life but not enough on others? Do you focus on working hard at work, but not keeping yourself healthy?

Work will kill you if you work too hard, will it not? If you wanted to get healthy and go on a run but you never stopped running, how long would ANYONE last?  The battle of life will never have a single point of focus. It is folly to think it is so, it is even more folly to know the truth and convince yourself you are okay when you are not. This is when you will not see what is already there.

So true is the lesson of fighting in pairs against a single foe. When we do this, our actions can either be helpful or a hindrance. We must fight hard, but we must also work in concert with those around us. Stepping in the way of our partner will only tip the scales against our work. And, just because we lead, does not mean we are the one to act.

We must have faith in our subordinates or coworkers. We must trust them in their actions. And if they fail, we must step up and care for them. We cannot judge them, nor can we assume their failure was intentional, only that it happened. For us to truly walk the path, we must understand our legacy lay partially in how we treat the failure of those around us.

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