top 8 must have books for fantasy writing

Top 8 Must Have Books for Fantasy Writing

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Of course there’s more than eight books. But, in my short time on this earth I’ve found some gems that have helped me greatly. These are the top 8 must have books for fantasy writing.


The Writer’s Journey

By: Christopher Vogler

If you get nothing else, get this book. It will help you create the basis for story construction and common character arcs for the creation of a fantasy novel. Vogler will break down the basics of most fantasy concepts and help you focus on the details of your story instead of trying to figure out the basic framework.  You won’t be doing any fantasy writing without this book as a bible.

Wired For Story

By: Lisa Cron

It isn’t the easiest read in the world, but it is an important one. Wired For Story takes a cognitive approach to how stories catch a reader. While writing my first novel, I used her book as a guide to help form each chapter. Read this book and you’ll be better at crafting suspense and also in your understanding of ways to ‘raise the stakes’ with every sentence.

The Hero with A Thousand Faces

By: Joseph Campbell

This is the intersection of psychology and mythology. If youare going to write fantasy, epic fantasy or even a basic story with heroes and villains, this book is a must have. Joseph defines the psychological roots of hero and myth construction that is unavoidable gritty and true.

Save The Cat

By: Blake Snyder

This is a book about writing screenplays, but it is a book about story too. This book will help you be smart with words and even smarter with dialogue.

The Anatomy Of Story

By: John Truby

The title speaks for itself. Read on. Fantasy writing aside, this book will help break down any story in a useful and simple way.

The Successful Author’s Mindset

By: Joanna Pern

Sometimes the hardest part about writing, is figuring out how to get your head back in the story.  I really loved the way Joanna Pern gives little tips and tricks to do just that.

Writing the Breakout Novel

By: Donald Maas

As one of the best agents in the business, Donald has an eye for story like no one else. He takes his knowledge of story and story construction and shares it in a very readable way.  He has a keen eye for seeing the best fantasy writing out there.  HIs list of clients is impressive.

A Wizard Of Earthsea

By: Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula shows us that writing high fantasy with timeless and amazing characters doesn’t take descriptions so long and wordy that you’ll fall asleep before you get to the next plot point. She is one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time.

There are more books than the one’s listed of course.  There are also more things to help you write your story out there!

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