The Pillars of a Warrior Poet

To walk the Warrior Poet path is to walk the path of pain and love. To walk the Warrior Poet path is to understand that to grow outside we must nurture the inside. A tree cannot grow tall if it does not have the right soil or enough sun. It must suffer through rain and storms in order to receive the water it needs to live. A tree is only as strong as the soil, sun, and storms that surround it.

The life of a Warrior Poet says that you will only grow when you choose adversity. When chosen enough, adversity chooses you… It is then that you are truly prepared for it.

We often do not think the storms we survive are a source of growth and strength;  we simply see them as something we must get through and that is all. Without the rain, our world would be a desert. The waters vitalize, cleanse, and stimulate the landscape. Our world would be overgrown without thunder and lightning. Fire clears the forest floors of reap rod and dead trees. Fire is cleansing and stimulates incredible growth once they have passed.  It is through all storms that our world stays strong. It is through the adversity that our world creates for itself that it can flourish.

This is the path of the Warrior Poet. This is our way.

The Path of the Warrior Poet

Open your warrior eyes to the world

The warrior Poet chooses to undo what is done. You do not become strong by seeing only what you wish to see. You do not grow through a lack of understanding. This is the most important part of being a Warrior Poet.

If you wish to grow, you must first understand that the biggest truth in life is that you only see what you choose to see. You only act on what you choose to act upon. To accept our world, you must focus without focus. You must see without seeing. You must decide without action.

Belief is the only truth

Science tells us that reality is dependent upon the observer. The first rule of the Warrior Poet can only be realized with acceptance of the second rule. We must undo our hold of truth within ourselves. We must create reality through the creation of truth. What we believe is just as important as HOW we believe.

The path of the Warrior Poet is only realized through the deconstruction of belief systems. It is through the emptiness that we can now mold ourselves anew.

Failure is the plan

To become a Warrior Poet we must create a plan that incorporates failure. We must believe that we will sabotage ourselves and account for this. We must believe that our past self will attempt to deny our future self. We must see that a path through the forest of life has cliffs, trip hazards and wrong turns. We must plan for failure and make failure result in our success; acknowledging the hazards ahead is not being fearful of them.

There is no such thing as courage

All Warriors serve as the Master of Purpose, without purpose, we lack definition. The Sword of Life cannot be sharpened if we do not define the edge. We must see the blade, define the blade, and sharpen the blade. It is through purpose that we become our true selves. The greatest actions of a Warrior are not defined by the action itself, they are defined by the reason the action takes place.

If you were to save a drowning person from a river because in doing so you would receive riches beyond measure, is this courage? Purpose is the WHY. It is the definition of our actions. Define your purpose and courageous actions will be the result of the path you walk.

The only legacy we leave is in the minds of others

The Warrior Poet has love of self so that he can have love for others. The inner path breeds the outer path. We must seek our demons out, confront them, and do battle with our hearts.

The most difficult battle a warrior faces is not that of the enemy who stares him down across the arena. It is the one which we cannot see. It is a battle done in total darkness where we have no point of reference. It is the battle of our darker self vs our higher self. This battle never ends, it must be fought every day. It is through the small victories of self that we can choose to leave our legacy. For through self-love, we become able to offer the truest love and kindness to those around us. For we are not remembered for our actions or accomplishments, we are remembered for how we made others feel.

Speak to water

A Warrior Poet is a leader, a mentor, and a communicator. Being an effective communicator isn’t defined by your intent or desire, it is defined by the result of that communication. You can ask someone to do something, however with the wrong intonation or body language, it can be taken in the wrong way that you did not intend. How many different meanings does the word “fine” have in a relationship?

We must solicit feedback, seek kindness and strive to become a more effective communicator. To lead, you must understand that you influence others to effectively accomplish whatever task you have set forth to those you lead. Your ability to lead and influence is single handedly hinged upon your ability to communicate effectively.

Physical fortitude is mental fortitude

How can we walk a path if we are too tired to walk it? How can we fight if we are too tired to pick up our sword? How can we choose strength when we have no strength? Wealth is not accumulated through laziness. Love is not nurtured through apathy. Kindness is not granted when anger is the easier option. To be a warrior poet, you must have the energy to be a warrior poet. Strengthening your body through proper nutrition, exercise and mental health is the only way you can realize your highest path.

These are seven simple pillars that can give you the building blocks to walk the path of the warrior poet. But remember, the journey cannot begin without a step being taken. The path cannot be walked unless you continue to walk.

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