Stonebinder Series

Stonebinder Covenant

Teenager Elizabeth just lost her father.  She doesn’t want to go to his funeral or deal with the changes to come.  She decides to runaway from all of it.

Her journey takes her to meet magical Faeries and discover her fathers past.  She learns to face her problems and fight against a great evil in order to save a helpless people.

Stonebinder Revanant

Book two picks up with unfinished business.  Elizabeth has to work to save her mentor Rodin.  While doing that she has to seek out new magic and find a way to transform into the Chancero-Ka.

It is only after this that she can confront the evil plaguing Erathane.

Stonebinder Dissonant

Back at home.  Elizabeth learns that her Faerie Ward Ka-sook has been cast out of the Faerie Court.  She sacrifices her powers as the Chancero-Ka to fight for his return.

She learns the Faerie King Ka is just as malevolent as benevolent. She has to fight against powerful Fae, incredible enemies and figure out how to trick an evil seer that is always one step ahead of her.

All this to save a Faerie who once saved her.