Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of how to write for the internet.  By my site, you see that I’m an author of fantasy and creative non-fiction works.  While these are my true passion.  I’ve come to realize that writing for the internet is much different than writing for anything else. SEO HELP is important for authors, bloggers and anyone creating websites.


Free Resource Library – LOTS OF GREAT STUFF


In doing this, we have to be highly conscious of how people read on a desktop vs. mobile, how they look for information, and what their purpose and intent would be while looking at the information you are trying to provide them. So, as a writer, I must adapt. Here you will find all my gathered information and help offered on adapting writing to increase traffic and visibility.


Free Resource Library – LOTS OF GREAT STUFF


It has HELPED immensely.  Use the information and download my free resource library to help you with other writing related stuff.

Simple steps to boost user engagement

Use these simple and easy to implement steps to boost blog engagement.  Building a bigger audience, increasing conversions and maximizing visibility are important.   Engagement isn’t just something twenty-five year old men are scared of.     It’s an important metric...

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This site contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you!

This site contains affiliate links at no cost to you!  See Disclaimer for additional information.