Who am I? Great question that I don't really have an answer to. I can tell you that I love comic books, guns and dragons. Oh... I also love sword fighting. Like real sword fighting. None of that made up fake sword fighting stuff. I like doing it with groups of people wearing full suits of armor whilst we try and make heavy dents into aforementioned armor. Besides that, I love telling stories, making up fantastic worlds and having a hell of a time with great people. If there's anything you want to know about me, generally I'll tell you. Having spent almost ten years at war (and in a combat zone) I have learned that holding back happiness and crazy stories is a bad idea. I'll gladly share my whole world with you. Just take the time to check out my blog, read my comics and enjoy life.

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The ACL national championships are a huge deal for north american BUHURT fighters. I'll be there with my team representing TEAM CERBERUS to compete for the title of ACL NATIONAL CHAMPION



This event often doubles as the HMB USA finals for the team that can represent the UNITED STATES in the hallowed Battle of the Nations 5 vs 5 Buhurt event. It takes place in CLEMSON, SC



RE-RELEASE of THE KILLING JAR. A graphic novel written and produced by Justin Zimmerman and Illustrated by the glorious Russell Brown. Russell is the Lead Artist on THE STONEBINDER CHRONICLES written by none other than myself.



NATIONAL RELEASE of THE 27 RUN. Another epic graphic novel by the illustrious Justin Zimmerman and Illustrated by RUSSELL BROWN. This story is one that my teenagers have read again and again.


Check out the 22 page mini-comic on the Jonathon Stonebinder Series. It's the kick start to the whole Stonebinder universe. A fun and quick read to get your creative juices flowing.

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Ten-speed vs. a quarter pipe

By danieljkrug | September 25, 2018

  I tried to ride a ten speed off a skateboard ramp once.   We had just moved into the crappy rental house on the street. It was kind of exciting because living in a house was not something we always got to do. I was ten years old, and the kids who lived on …

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Flames that melted my heart

By danieljkrug | October 4, 2018

I’ve written about my son in the past.  Maybe it’s because he’s a conflagration of love, pride and hope for the future.  Maybe it’s because children are the bright and shiny embodiment of possibility in every parent’s eyes.  Or, maybe it’s because he is the thing we really want to be.  Children spend their little lives …

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Bad-Assery is a thing

By danieljkrug | October 4, 2018

Roy P. Benavidez is a bad ass mother fucker. On May 2nd, 1968 he spent six hours in hell. He was shot seven times. One time was in the back, and the bullet exited his chest just below his heart. He had 28 pieces of shrapnel in his body and he had been stabbed no …

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Expanded view of religion and god- Mona lisa and a Straw

By danieljkrug | October 4, 2018

I remember the first time I saw a dead body. Two of my friends were killed by a drunk driver and I had to identify them. It was a head on collision where both vehicles were going around seventy miles per hour. It took a long time of staring at their mangled corpses to figure …

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Who is Jonathon Stonebinder

Who is Jonathon Stonebinder?

By danieljkrug | October 29, 2018

Who is Jonathon Stonebinder?  Jonathon is 400 years old and not from Earth. Well, he is, but it’s just a different version of Earth. In his reality, there was a great war that destroyed the entire planet. During the war, he befriended a mysterious soldier who spent time with Jonathon and his family in an …

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reign of terror

Angel of Assassins, The Reign of Terror and our own beliefs.

By danieljkrug | November 19, 2018

  Angel of Assassins, The Reign of Terror and our own beliefs I was reading this book I got from my grandmother Great Men and Famous Women, Volume III Workmen and Heroes. It was published in 1894. So it’s wordy, sexist and full of interesting facts shown from a wildly different perspective than what we …

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Character Development Writing Tips

By danieljkrug | November 25, 2018

As a writer, we are also avid readers. A beautiful part of writing is seeing how the bonds are created and shown to us on paper. I take a hard look at one relationship in particular because it’s close to my heart. Through this you can pull out some important character development writing tips. Finding …

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quantum physics

How I created my magical world with quantum physics

By danieljkrug | November 30, 2018

How I created my magical world with quantum physics It’s an interesting question for a lot of writers. Mine is one that has a basis around common magical thought, quantum physics (which is magical in its own right), and some of my own flare. I had to start big, then work my way backward. Essentially, …

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How I made my own magic, Part 2

By danieljkrug | December 5, 2018

How I made my own magic, Part 2 You read about the connection between my world and quantum physics, right? If not, go HERE first. This blog is about the creatures within the ‘bleed’. As you know, the bleed is this place between realities. It exists because when the universes were created there was something …

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Short Story Elements

Short Story? Writing Help To Get It Done Well

By danieljkrug | December 17, 2018

Writing Help For Crafting Your Short Story (Or First Chapter)   When was the last time you read a short story? Not a novella, middle-grade book or anything like that, but a true short story. They are truly a niche in the literary world and often overlooked outside of Indy publishing companies. Writing help also …

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