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"Leadership is not measured by individual success, but the success you bring to the world around you."

"It is through the installation of purpose and belief that others may grow and form your vision."

"Any great organization is marked by the culture that surrounds it. That's what a true leader does, makes culture."

Battle tested leadership principles!

Daniel Krug spent the better part of a decade deployed to combat zones. He came home, became a firefighter Officer who has recieved awards for heroism and excellence. Now, he's the Captain of the most successful full contact Armored Combat team the United States has ever seen.

Throughout his decades of experience he's learned to inspire greatness from others.

Every single book on leadership boils down to the same basic set of principles. If you're wondering what they are, here's a list of traits that are proven to get others to follow you.

  1. Be inspiring.
  2. Instill a sense of purpose.
  3. Foster a positive culture.
  4. Surmount the Insurmountable - And get others to do it with you.
  5. Gather momentum and use it to drive the team to higher levels of success.
  6. Have clearly defined goals, that you consistently accomplish.
  7. Understand motivation from an individual and group dynamic... And use it.

Simple right? It's easy to understand on a surface level what it takes to be a great leader. It's easy to read books, gather informatoin and create a cognitive understanding of a growth path. Daniel will give you those things, but he will also coach and mentor you into finally walking the path of true inspirational leadership.


Be honest. Think about it.

Is your business doing okay but not great?

Do you KNOW your people can perform better, but you can't seem to reach them?

Do you WANT to inspire but haven't been able to do it?

Are your personal relationships just OKAY?

Do you struggle with telling others what you truly need from them?


It is impossible to walk the path of leadership if you are not WALKING ON THE PATH! Take a minute and assess yourself. If you're here, it is because you're ready to make the decision to learn how to lead.

Take the lessons from Daniel Krug and the Path of the Warrior Poet and use them to become the leader YOU want to follow. A journey can only begin with a step first taken.

You have already read, learned, observed and yet that X factor is somehow still missing.

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Ask yourself three questions.

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why DON’T you deserve it?
  3. How’s the journey so far?
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My guess… You didn’t get past the first question. If you did, how did you answer it? Did you answer it in terms of wealth? “I want to be rich.” “I want to be wealthy.” Did you answer it in terms of emotion? “I want to be happy.” “I want to be successful.” Maybe you answered it in terms of something you wish to become. “I want to be a X, Y or Z.” “I want to be stronger, prettier, better.”

What does that mean… exactly? What are the exact, precise and incredibly well-defined terms of what you want? What is the thing that you wish for most and how can you spell it out in visceral detail? Even more so, why do you think you DON’T deserve it. How do your own beliefs stop you?

The path of the Warrior Poet is not measured by successes or failures, it is measured by whether you decide to continue the journey. But no journey can begin with a direction so general that knowing if you are on the path or not is completely unknowable.

You define your path ONLY when you define your destination. You cannot walk a path if you have no place to go. You can only wander, and if you wander then you will likely end up in the same place again and again. A man without direction is destined to walk in circles.

Is your life path met with the same consistent issues? Are your personal relationships carrying the same consistent problems/issues?

Is happiness something you don’t think about? Do you think you even deserve to be happy? Did you just shrug your shoulders and say “sure, whatever, I’m happy,” to yourself?

Perhaps you see the forest floor in front of you and believe it is a path. Perhaps the ground underfoot has a trail upon which you walk. Perhaps even more, that trail is there because you blazed it years ago and are walking upon it yet again. Do you walk in circles without knowing it? Do you really want to answer that question?

The way of the Warrior Poet can help you. The path is not hidden, you will hide it from yourself no longer.

Find success, health and happiness in all aspects of your life. The Warrior Poet path can provide you with the necessary tools to become the person you aspire to be in the mirror.

You can achieve strength of body, heart and mind. You can achieve success in all aspect of life. You can accept happiness because you will learn that deserving happiness is a trick we teach ourselves in order to limit ourselves.

The ultimate question a warrior poet must answer is simple. But… you must first know HOW to ask the question.



Join Daniel and his team to learn the Healing Path. This three day workshop will focus on:

  1. Mindset - Understand how your mind works on a scientific and spiritual level. Use that knowledge to transform how you see the world.
  2. Belief Systems - Take a step further into your psyche and see how powerful our belief systems are. They can completely change the way we see and interpret the world.
  3. The Power of Self - We'll be doing breathing sessions, ice baths, sound therapy and yoga to help transform your personal health into personal power.
  4. Holistic Nutrition - Learn from Trina Krug who has a masters degree in Holistic Nutrition. She'll teach you the difference between Keto, Paleo, Ayurveda, and all the other types of diets out there. She will walk you through classes on how to eat for your bodystyle, your health and your goals.
  5. Energy Work Is Real - Take a deep dive into the alternative view of energy work and how science backs up much of what it says.

All this stuff and more is available for you to experience and learn. Join us for a revolutionary walk down a new path of power, healing and strength.


Initial Session – Define your direction. Daniel will help you find see some

Three 45 minute private/individual sessions per month

Access to all my private training courses! - Years of experience at your fingertips.

ICE MAN breathing initial training session

Food/diet/energy evaluation

3 free energy healing sessions with a certified Reiki Master

The Warrior Poet Path strategies and process

TEXT access for immediate responses to emergency issues

Creation of your own accountability matrix to ensure you continue walking The Warrior Poet Path!

One follow up session - After your three months is up, we'll get back together and make sure you're ready to go in the future.

Access to private community of Warrior Poets - The community is growing every day of people who have successfully implemented their personal path

Materials and resources to support your transformation - You'll get work sheets and information directly related to your specific path.

Customized Gift to continue your Warrior Poet journey!

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Need help? Book a call and let's talk!

Daniel is more than happy to set up a zoom call to help you figure out the next steps.  He can work with you remotely and help you discover your greater self. Daniel has been a coach and trainer for years. He has successfully built the top Armored Combat Team in the United States among many other great accomplishments.

Daniel's idea of tapping into the warrior self is what he will teach you. Live, learn, adapt and grow with him.


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