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Break your reader’s heart – Writing tips

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Break your reader’s heart – Writing tips

Heartbreak equals loss. When we tell a story, we have to ensure that the reader/listener is invested. We create investment through connection. Using these writing tips will help you connect to your audience better. 

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If you’re reading this, it’s likely your heart has been broken a time or two in the past. The question is how to share that feeling with your reader. You want them to walk through the mind of someone who’s been brought to their knees from the hurt they feel in their heart. These writing tips will help you with that.


When is your heart broken?


I feel like there is only one answer. Sure, the situations are different, but the answer is always the same.




To feel the burning pain when a hole is ripped into your heart… Well, that’s loss. 


Think with your heart and you’ll feel it. We as humans need connection to the world, people and things around us. It starts when we’re small and the world is new. We learn to shunt connection, displace it and even deny it entirely as we age. But, it is the loss of connection that hurts us in a way nothing else can.



When we write, we fold and mend things together, and then tear them apart to show the value of it. 


Here’s an example that will show the writing tips in action:


When my wife squeezed my hand, she used more energy than she should have. I wish she saved it to take one more breath, but that was never her way. Her way was taking care of other people. Now, with the break of dawn sunlight, I wake up and feel her slender fingers laced through mine. I smell lavender lotion and hear her last words.


“Goodbye my love,” came out as a whisper and signaled the first step her soul took from this world to the next. I think her soul was too big to live in a body. Maybe, she was meant to be on the other side of life. Maybe she’s still here and saying goodbye when warm rays hit my cheek in the early mornings of summer.


Like I said, heartbreak equals loss.


When we tell a story, we have to ensure that the reader/listener is invested. We create investment through connection. The most internal part of writing (and the part we love) is the connection with our audience. Whether we accept it or not, all of humanity is a hive that wants to work together and get along. It is the inherent desire for cohesiveness within the fabric of our souls that pushes us towards connection.


Why else would a smile be universal?


A smile is the symbol of joy… and acceptance. We only need to lift the veil of consciousness to see what lay underneath


Therein lays the crux. To break the connection is to break the heart.


But, why would you need writing tips to help you with that? Well, we all need help writing and writing better


For the life of me, I can’t think of anything else that breaks the human heart other than loss.


Build a connection with your reader. Then, with a villainous stroke of your dastardly pen, break it. Just make sure the character you hurt is important. It is the lessons we learn in loss that help us. 


Even childrens books address struggle, loss and the need for resilience. We, as writers should do the same thing. Even shades of gray seem brighter against a black background. Life needs color. If everything is made of gold, then the gold is trite and invisible. Search for contrast in what you write. 


The duality of love and loss is the contrast we hold within our own humanity. It is in this contrast that you shine brighter, live louder and move deeper through the troughs of life’s challenges. The worlds of love and heartbreak are mingled forever together. Bring loss to your writer. But also bring them forgiveness, reprieve, redemption and more love.




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