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How I created my magical world with quantum physics

How I created my magical world with quantum physics

It’s an interesting question for a lot of writers. Mine is one that has a basis around common magical thought, quantum physics (which is magical in its own right), and some of my own flare. I had to start big, then work my way backward. Essentially, I described the setting before the house and then the house before the room. So on and so on, you get the idea.

I started with the universe. The magic in my world, well worlds, really is rooted in quantum physics.

I took the idea of quantum superstring theory and applied the fifth and sixth dimension to it.

This is to say that there are infinite worlds with the same initial beginnings as ours. Meaning, the other dimensions are essentially other realities that all began the same time and way ours did. I love this idea because it means that beings (magical ones) could world travel and they can slip from reality to reality if they had the power to do so.

Taking the magical reality a step closer is where the real twine of what my world building is made of.  I theorized that all these realities started at the same time, and from the same point. But, imagine if there was an in-between. Sort of an extra-cellular space where things, stuff, whatever, that didn’t fit into any particular reality was left in. Or, if it was too big and ‘too dimensional’ it would bleed out of a reality and into the space between them. I didn’t know what to call it at first, but I thought calling it the ‘bleed’ sounded really cool.

Here’s the fun part.  Have you ever heard of the double slit experiment? It sort of broke physics in general. I’ll give you the cliff notes so you can see how I used it for my own magical reality. Essentially, this experiment is taking light and shining it through two vertical slits and then analyzing what happens on the other side. What they found was that light had an interference pattern past the slits. This meant that light was traveling in a wave. Hence, light is a wave as we’re taught in basic physics. Light is also a bundle of waves into a group (crazy to think about) called a photon. All this is well and good. Without getting into the nitty gritty about all of it, the experiment took a wild turn when photons were aligned and sent through one at a time.

Then, things got crazier when a fella named Dean Radin began experiments on how consciousness affected the experiment. What he found was that the simple act of focusing thought on the left slit or right slit would impact the outcome of singular photons being fired at them.

Our thoughts actually affect the physical world.

Cool right? Not even made up magic. It’s real magic in the real world and proven with experiments.

So, I took that idea and applied it to my main character. Except there was a twist. I decided that his thoughts could affect his world and reality, but only if his will was aligned with the being that imbued him with the power to begin with. I.e. His magic was proxy magic.

Check out my next blog to find out who he proxied for!

How I created my magical world with quantum physics

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