Follow In the Footsteps of Jonathon Stonebinder!

He’s a hitman for a secretive and powerful Faierie King. These Fae live in a place called “the slip”. An areaa tha was formed  in between realities when all universes first came to be. Since the Fae aren’t able to exist outside of the slip for very long, the manipulative King uses a proxy to do the dirty work. Except, Jonathon hates his job and doesn’t trust the Fae. He has good reason not to. Ka, the Faerie King has cursed his daughter to death simply becasue she was born without permission. And Jonathon is doing everything he can to save his daughter and thwart the curse. Oh, and his best friend might be in cahoots with a being he’s been tasked to kill… What else can go wrong?

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Yes, it’s only the beginning of the short comic. But, I want you to want more. The full version is currently in printed form. Contact me via email if you’d like me to send a full, signed hardcopy version to your door.



All money goes towards funding the full length GRAPHIC NOVEL currently being made by an amazing artist team.

Join in on the story of Elizabeth Stonebinder. Her father told her three things that were of dire importance. Magic is real, never trust a Faerie and don’t give up. She is forced to take up the mantle of her father’s work as Hitman for Ka, the powerful and secretive Faerie King. Her adventures are a lesson in growing up, finding strength and believing in herself.  She must learn to stand on her own to feet and confront a dark evil taking over a once great land. 

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Elizabeth Stonebinder doesn’t want to do anything other than be normal. The problem is that she’s spent her life with an eccentric father who said eccentric things. He has just passed away and now she’s found herself at a crossroads of real vs. unreal.

Elizabeth is going to have to listen to every thing her father ever taught her to survive the future, save a doomed people and conquer her own fears.  Read the first four chapters of this amazing novel!