I wrote a book in high school once.  It was filled with horrible poems, teen angst and maybe a good idea. Generally speaking, it was horrible and pointless. The grand success lay only in the fact that I completed it, sort of. The bigger problem was one many young people suffer from.


I didn’t know what I wanted to do. 

So, by the skin of my teeth I graduated high school. My lack of direction took me squarely to a higher education I didn’t deserve, wasn’t prepared for and wasn’t particularly interested in either. I went to college and while there, I took a creative writing class.


I failed it.  

College served the purpose it does.  I failed, but my success was that failure garnered me less debt than a bachelor’s degree in Psychology does. Which, consequently, is equally as pointless. Still without direction, I did the first smart thing in my young life and  joined the Army.  I gallivanted around the world doing interesting things with interesting people.

The war started. I went. I got out of the Army and stayed at war to work for military contracting companies like Black Water and Triple Canopy. I got shot. I watched friends die. I did things I thought were right but didn’t feel good about.  I got blown up.  I kept my head down and my chin up.

I changed.

I eventually quit the war business but it didn’t quit me.  I had adapted to stress and combat.  I became someone else. I learned that you had to fight to survive.  Tilt into problems.  Anger was more useful than pain.


I didn’t know what was wrong, but something was.

I went back to school.  I got excellent grades and took some writing classes.  I became a Fire Fighter and Paramedic.  I got married. I went to lots of therapy.

I learned to love again.


I made mistakes.  I didn’t do everything right.  I used tools from my heart to help me find the way.  We had a family.  My heart healed and I became something better.  A phoenix from the ashes if you want to get cliche’ about it.

Family and love are what guides me.

I started to write.  Poetry, short stories, prose.  Words for me and no one else.  I did it to heal. I wrote because I loved to tell stories.  I decided to write a novel.

I did. I keep re-writing it too.


Titles are self-imposed.  I call myself an Author because I am.  Mostly, I write to tell stories.  I love stories. and the title that is more important to me than author is a simple one.