The warrior poet has love of self so that he can have love for others. The inner path breeds the outer path. We must seek our demons out, confront them and do battle with our heart.

The most difficult battle a warrior faces is not that of the enemy who stares him down across the arena. It is the one which we cannot see. It is the battle done in total darkness where we have no point of reference. It is the battle of our darker self vs our higher self. This battle never ends, it must be fought every day. It is through the small victories of self that we can choose to leave our legacy.

For through self-love, we become able to offer the truest love and kindness to those around us. For we are not remembered for our actions or accomplishments, we are remembered for how we made others feel.


What I'm up to...



Join Daniel and his team to show you a new path to power, strength, personal resolve and growth. Become the person you KNOW you are. Heal the parts of you that are holding you back and embrace the path.


Team Dominus will be headed across the pond one more time to fight against the dragons of Europe. We'll be squaring up and staring across the LIST at teams like WHITE COMPANY. USA knights will get to test their metal against some of the best knights in the world one more time. Dominus/Cerberus Emissus will not back down. I'll be sure to send out the live stream. 

Mercia Cup



You can come and see a great event where I walk people through how to change your mindset. I'll give them a cool class on cool... Well, ICE BATHS. and have them try one out!


Justin Zimmerman and myself will be headed down to the gig harbor film festival for another screening of SOLDIER. It's a docushort about my life and what has gone on to make me who I am. Check it out!!!

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