Who am I? Great question that I don't really have an answer to. I can tell you that I love comic books, guns and dragons. Oh... I also love sword fighting. Like real sword fighting. None of that made up fake sword fighting stuff. I like doing it with groups of people wearing full suits of armor whilst we try and make heavy dents into aforementioned armor. Besides that, I love telling stories, making up fantastic worlds and having a hell of a time with great people. If there's anything you want to know about me, generally I'll tell you. Having spent almost ten years at war (and in a combat zone) I have learned that holding back happiness and crazy stories is a bad idea. I'll gladly share my whole world with you. Just take the time to check out my blog, read my comics and enjoy life.

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The ACL national championships are a huge deal for north american BUHURT fighters. I'll be there with my team representing TEAM CERBERUS to compete for the title of ACL NATIONAL CHAMPION



This event often doubles as the HMB USA finals for the team that can represent the UNITED STATES in the hallowed Battle of the Nations 5 vs 5 Buhurt event. It takes place in CLEMSON, SC



RE-RELEASE of THE KILLING JAR. A graphic novel written and produced by Justin Zimmerman and Illustrated by the glorious Russell Brown. Russell is the Lead Artist on THE STONEBINDER CHRONICLES written by none other than myself.



NATIONAL RELEASE of THE 27 RUN. Another epic graphic novel by the illustrious Justin Zimmerman and Illustrated by RUSSELL BROWN. This story is one that my teenagers have read again and again.


Check out the 22 page mini-comic on the Jonathon Stonebinder Series. It's the kick start to the whole Stonebinder universe. A fun and quick read to get your creative juices flowing.

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top 8 must have books for fantasy writing

Top 8 Must Have Books for Fantasy Writing

By danieljkrug | February 14, 2018

  Of course there’s more than eight books. But, in my short time on this earth I’ve found some gems that have helped me greatly. These are the top 8 must have books for fantasy writing.   The Writer’s Journey By: Christopher Vogler If you get nothing else, get this book. It will help you …

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Short story Lessons

A lesson in story writing from A.O.D.

By danieljkrug | February 17, 2018

  First of all A.O.D. is Army of Darkness. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie or not.  The lesson is important. Story writing has basic hooks to it and there are some great take aways from an old school comedy-horror. And yeah, it was the first of it’s kind.   Lessons in Story …

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Steps I Took To Finish My Novel – Help For You Too.

By danieljkrug | March 29, 2018

I sat down with a great guy today.  He’s been a writer for years.  We have a lot in common.  He’s a Firefighter, so am I.  He’s cool.  I’m cool (maybe). He wanted to ask me what it took to finish my Novel. Basically, we’re like twins.  The main differences being obvious.   For example. …

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Working on Septic

By danieljkrug | April 12, 2018

I don’t write poetry. I suppose I used to be able to say that. Can’t say it anymore though, because there’s this. I went on a cruise a and met some cool people. One of them was a veteran like me.  He was a full steam ahead veteran versus my more laid back and “I …

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Punch me in the face, it’s good for me.

By danieljkrug | April 16, 2018

Growing up, I wasn’t very good at fighting. I didn’t do it often and if I did, I lost. I was a decent wrestler for a few years, but outside of a matted floor, I wasn’t much. I remember the first time I was bullied badly. There was this kid named Noel Something-or-other. He was …

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By danieljkrug | April 30, 2018

I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about the source of confidence in more detail. I’m doing this project at work right now. Most people love it, some people hate it and a couple are mum on the matter entirely. It’s an interesting thing to go through all together. The opinions of others can have …

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Chekhov’s Gun

By danieljkrug | May 6, 2018

Anton Chekhov eloquently stated years ago a simple fact with respect to story construction.  If you have a gun leaning against the wall during the first act of a play, you better use it in the second act.  Otherwise, get rid of the gun.  This is an important ideal, it helps a creator remove the …

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The Dead Miss Us – Suicide From Drugs

By danieljkrug | May 14, 2018

The dead miss us. I know. My best friend comes to say hi more often than he should. I don’t know how it works, or if it’s really him, but he’s there. I think. His name is Angel. Well, Angel Cruz Lee. People called him Cruz. He really wasn’t much of an angel, but he’s …

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I’m sorry son, the world isn’t good enough for you.

By danieljkrug | May 23, 2018

I hit a deer the other day. My son walked out to the driveway to survey the damage. He looked at the deer fur and deer poop splattered across the broken grill of my SUV. Then he sat down in the driveway and started crying. “Dadda, I love deers and ladybugs. I’m so sad now,” …

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War is never over PTSD effects image

War Is Never Over – PTSD and its effects

By danieljkrug | May 27, 2018

      For years I thought the idea of saying I had PTSD was bad. I viewed it as a term of weakness. I didn’t live through Vietnam so what I saw and went through wasn’t bad enough to warrant something so horrible. Sounds silly, but it was what I thought and what many …

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