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Ever wonder what a worn out Hitman for a Faerie King does in his spare time? What about his daughter whose been cursed to death? Check out my fantasy series and what is coming in the near future.

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Writing is a cathartic journey for many of us. As a Combat Veteran, Father and Firefighter life has taught me many lessons. Take a moment to join me on my journey.

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Since becoming a writer, I’ve worked hard at building an audience too. Between all the great people and experts out there, I’ve picked up a few things. Check out my writers help to help yourself.  We’re all in this together after all!!!


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Personal Blog

Expanded view of religion and god- Mona lisa and a Straw

I remember the first time I saw a dead body. Two of my friends were killed by a drunk driver and I had to identify them. It was a head on collision where both vehicles were going around seventy miles per hour. It took a long time of staring at their mangled corpses to...

Bad-Assery is a thing

Roy P. Benavidez is a bad ass mother fucker. On May 2nd, 1968 he spent six hours in hell. He was shot seven times. One time was in the back, and the bullet exited his chest just below his heart. He had 28 pieces of shrapnel in his body and he had been stabbed no less...

Flames that melted my heart

I've written about my son in the past.  Maybe it’s because he’s a conflagration of love, pride and hope for the future.  Maybe it’s because children are the bright and shiny embodiment of possibility in every parent’s eyes.  Or, maybe it’s because he is the thing we...

Ten-speed vs. a quarter pipe

I tried to ride a ten speed off a skateboard ramp once.   We had just moved into the crappy rental house on the street. It was kind of exciting because living in a house was not something we always got to do. I was ten years old, and the kids who lived on the...

War Is Never Over – PTSD and its effects

    For years I thought the idea of saying I had PTSD was bad. I viewed it as a term of weakness. I didn’t live through Vietnam so what I saw and went through wasn’t bad enough to warrant something so horrible. Sounds silly, but it was what I thought and...

I’m sorry son, the world isn’t good enough for you.

I hit a deer the other day. My son walked out to the driveway to survey the damage. He looked at the deer fur and deer poop splattered across the broken grill of my SUV. Then he sat down in the driveway and started crying. “Dadda, I love deers and ladybugs. I’m so sad...

The Dead Miss Us – Suicide From Drugs

The dead miss us. I know. My best friend comes to say hi more often than he should. I don’t know how it works, or if it’s really him, but he’s there. I think. His name is Angel. Well, Angel Cruz Lee. People called him Cruz. He really wasn’t much of an angel, but he’s...

Chekhov’s Gun

Anton Chekhov eloquently stated years ago a simple fact with respect to story construction.  If you have a gun leaning against the wall during the first act of a play, you better use it in the second act.  Otherwise, get rid of the gun.  This is an important ideal, it...

Writing Resources

Long tail keyword cover image

FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE. How long tail keywords can help.

  Are the right people looking at your website? Using long tail keywords can help you build the right information to ensure the right people can find your website.   If you put Justin Bieber in your search bar, you’ll get thousands of different websites to...

Simple steps to boost user engagement

Use these simple and easy to implement steps to boost blog engagement.  Building a bigger audience, increasing conversions and maximizing visibility are important.   Engagement isn’t just something twenty-five year old men are scared of.     It’s an...
TITLE GRAPHIC of four reasons your blog sucks

Four reasons your blog is going nowhere – Steps to help you build an audience

    Blogging is one of the top ways for people to build an online presence, create name recognition (if needed) and make money. As an author, it is a fantastic way to build an audience. Okay, let’s face it. Anyone can start a blog for any reason.  All you...
Build an audience featured image

Build an audience for AUTHORS and BLOGGERS – A couple ways to improve SEO

  These are some tips I’ve come across and utilized with great success to help drive traffic to my blog and build an audience. The first step is getting them to your website.  Next, have people find your content useful.  Finally, you have to give them a reason...
SEO optimization improve SEO

Understanding SEO for Authors – Improve SEO ranking

    As a writer, building an audience is a difficult and daunting task if you don’t have a publisher backing you up.  Nowadays, publishers and agents like to see an audience already built in the digital world.  Having a website, email list and social media...

Character Development Writing Tips

As a writer, we are also avid readers. A beautiful part of writing is seeing how the bonds are created and shown to us on paper. I take a hard look at one relationship in particular because it's close to my heart. Through this you can pull out some important character...

Steps I Took To Finish My Novel – Help For You Too.

I sat down with a great guy today.  He's been a writer for years.  We have a lot in common.  He's a Firefighter, so am I.  He's cool.  I'm cool (maybe). He wanted to ask me what it took to finish my Novel. Basically, we're like twins.  The main differences being...

“He hasn’t actually asked me for a quote yet.” 

Jason Arias

“Eventually I’ll give him something to put here… ” 

Justin Zimmerman

Author, The 27 RUN

“No Comment. ” 

Stephen King

NYT Best selling Author

“Stop touching my stuff.” 

John Grisham - Said during a signing.

Author, The Pelican Brief

“No soup for you. ” 

The Soup Nazi


“I’m not sure I actually know this person. ” 

Brent Weeks

Author, The Black Prism